Friday, 15 July 2011

Google Plus 1 vs. Facebook Like Feature

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With rapidly advancing technology and its technicalities – smart cyber-tech drivers are working tirelessly to break down communication barriers and make social interaction better, thus further shrinking our global village. It’s only a few years back when Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellows Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes launched Facebook that set new social interaction trends, and reshaped internet marketing industry. Millions of internet users grew addicted to Facebook propelling it to bring revolutionary change in social lives. Indeed, the social networking site has been enjoying unparalleled success and maintaining social media monopoly since years.

Furthermore, it provided inspiration to many popular social networking sites of today. Google couldn’t resist either, and this is evident by the recent announcement of the release of a Google’s new social button called +1 (plus one). Also written as Google plus button, it’s a part of Google’s social media strategy 2012 and widely considered as an answer to facebook for social media and social data.

I learnt about it when my Gmail account showed a Google +1 notification a couple of days. Having explored, I realized that Google+1 works just as Facebook does, from its video chat to group texting, bookmarking to content sharing, and grouping to news feeding. The former, however, allows users organize the mess the latter has created.

Google+1 allow users to classify their friends with its interesting feature called Circles. Now, instead of continuing to connect with all of your friends like on Facebook, you just need to create different groups and add friends to them depending upon your relations with them. This simplifies communication as to who to communicate what as well as enhances privacy and control.

So far, the addition of Circles is being highly favored by both users and tech pundits. Unlike Facebook being widely considered as sloppy and insensitive, Google - the giant search engine - aims to provide an organized and secure realm of social networking. Other sparkling features that Google+ has to offer include Streams, Sparks and Hangouts. Stay tuned and keeps an eye out – there’s much more to come!
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Friday, 8 July 2011

iPhone application development demand will never decrease!

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iPhone – the revolutionary smartphone from the Apple is widely loved today among the mobile phone users. Though there are lots of other Android phones, BlackBerry handsets, and Windows phone 7 devices, yet iPhone gadgets have their own grace and style. Today, more and more people access internet through iPhone devices. That is the reason the demand of iPhone application development is pretty high.

Each year we see some new update from Apple regarding iOS devices such as the revolutionary 1st generation iOS and then iOS 3, iOS 4 and this year world saw the launch of iOS 5 – the latest operating system from Apple for i-devices. With incredible and new features for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad 2 devices it lets you explore the world smartly and aesthetically. Within upcoming year the latest iPhone 5 will also be released.

Getting new software and hardware updates doesn’t mean that people quit using the old iPhone and other iOS devices. The more number of users iOS devices will get, the more demand of iPhone application development will increase. Such users want entertainment apps, business apps, games, sports apps, weather apps and educational apps etc. That is the reason more and more companies today have started iPhone application development.

For a developer’s point of view, by analyzing the previous facts and figures one can say that iPhone application development has a secure future. In the same way by the client’s perspective – demand of app development for such devices will never decrease as number of iPhone users increase each day at a very good rate.

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