Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A simple 7-step-solution that can help you get more Facebook fan page followers

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Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms, today. If you want to have more fame, more fame, and ultimately more customers – designing a Facebook fan page of your company has become unavoidable. Most of people take help from Search engine optimization service provider to get maximum fan page.

Seven major ways can be used to direct the face of traffic on web to your page, not only to increase fame but also to mint money online. Especially on Facebook, how to attract more visitors toward your page, if it’s a query than here is a simple seven step solution.

1. Make your page attractive: make it catchy for the people, internet streamers cannot resist to move ahead without liking your page. Use keywords mostly searched and read people liking and develop the same on page.

2. Update content periodically: when old members will like the new content, the same will appear in their social circle. So if there is no content update, page will be lost in the crowd of FB. Content if you can’t write borrow from youtube.com and other sites.

3. Joint venture with other crowded pages: this can be achieved by finding out relevant pages, serving for the same niche as you are. Than by sending a request can lead them to be available on their page. I not than incentive can do the purpose also. Rate depends on number of fans that page have.

4. Facebook Ads: can be another way of catching people on FB. This never cost a much but yet can provide a chance to reach people eye. Just target the right audience and use right punch line.

5. Fiverr.com: can also be used to move traffic toward your page, by simply searching people with relevant pages on Fiverr.com and contacting them to promote your page. Other is social bookmaking service. Both charge approx the same and increase your voice for FB.

6. Twiends: how about that, make your account on twitter and post your FB link over it and followers out there can be taught about page.

7. Manipulating your identity: not to change your identity rather to move, comment and like things on FB with page name and on worthy comment fans can follow you.

Isn’t it simple? Need more help regarding your Facebook fan page promotion? Contact our Facebook social media experts today at info@techliance.com

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hire a PHP Web Developer - The best way to reduce costs!

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Since PHP’s beginning, Techliance has been enthusiastically involved in developing dynamic web applications and web pages based on PHP & its supporting technologies. We started with making dynamic websites and are now leading in application development services based on LAMP platform.
PHP; Hypertext Preprocessor emerged in 1995, is an open source server-side scripting language that was created to make dynamic web pages. Now it has become the most broadly used technology for developing dynamic web based software applications and web pages, and more than 21 millions of domains are hosted on PHP server. PHP is the reason to make the LAMP stack so well-liked. This versatile scripting language is best used in web development in PHP and matches well with html pages. Being a robust, server side application it gives a lot of functionalities in the development area with good system security and functional relieve.
Are you in search of high-quality, low cost based web application? There is a solution! Now by spending in PHP based web application you can make real time dynamic websites within your financial plan.

A team of experienced PHP specialists are well trained in completing any web project on time.
You can find below how Outsourcing PHP Developer can help your company reach new heights:
  1. Cost Reduction
If a company in UK or USA hires an in-house team, they will have to invest heavily on a variety of resources for getting the right candidate. Secondly, the wages paid to the team will be very expensive.
  1. Huge savings
By outsourcing PHP the business can make enormous savings. This allows the company to be at an advantage as the value is less than par foreign currencies.
  1. Reduced efforts
The company can do away with all kinds of budget allotment and traditional recruitment as well as staff maintenance issues. The company you are outsourcing manages all these for you.
  1. Plenty of support
IT Offshore Staffing companies mostly provide round the clock services and support to their associate customers
  1. Quality Oriented Work
Most outsourcing PHP companies are ISO certified, thus giving you the peace of mind on quality of work done.
  1. 24/7 Availability
Companies give you the choice to recruit development teams on a 24/7 round the clock.
  1. Time Zone Preference
Nearly all companies provide you the freedom to hire PHP programmers to work according to your needs. You can also select your time zone which best suits your communication and monitoring requirements
Why PHP development?

It’s a free and open source technology, runs on Apache web server which in turn runs without a glitch on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms. So no matter which server investments have been made, it can be utilized on all platforms.

Gigantic development resources are accessible like blogs, forums and freeware scripts.

A large number of open source applications are without restraint on hand like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magentoand and many more which reduces your growth cost up to 50% to 60%.